Getting married in Greece: An ultimate guide for 2020

As a result of this ultimate wedding guide, you’ll know all that you need for getting married in Greece. The guide will focus on Greece as a destination wedding location.

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Helipad is another 5 star service from Nomios Villa

In our strive to offer top services and facilities to our guests, we decided to include a helipad to the villa in order to accommodate those who would like to reach the villa within 15 min from El. Venizelos Intl. Airport of Athens or desire to reach other Cycladic islands like Myconos , Santorini etc.

Kea. What makes it special.

What makes it special? Kea is close to the Greek mainland but many tourists pass it by.

Now that Athens has moved its airport away from the city and Piraeus, all the more reason to take the back door route to the islands. A morning flight, a short taxi ride to Lavrio and there will be time to look for Byron’s signature on the temple at Cape Sounion before catching the evening boat to Kea, with onward connections to the western Cyclades or Syros, hub of Aegean ferry schedules. Read more…

Destination Kea – Monuments, Museums and Sights

An island with such great history as Kea could not but be full of disperse monuments in land and sea. Either you take a short walk in Chora or you make an exploration trekking through the footpaths, you continuously stumble on interesting landmarks, dated from the prehistoric period to the previous century.

Spathi beach beauty from above

Europe’s 17 best secret islands.

To us there is no wonder that Kea is among them. Read more…

Dove l’acqua è più blu

Sperdute nel Mediterraneo e ancora autentiche e inesplorate. O glamour e perfette per gli amanti della vita notturna. Le isole greche accontentano proprio tutti. Tra un mare cristallino, calette difficili da dimenticare e panorami da cartolina, eccone 30 dove approdare quest’estate. Leggi di piu…

Kea the rising star of the Cycladic islands

There are destinations which attract your whole attention you right from the beginning, like a strong cocktail that burns the throat while there are those that capture you little by little, with a kind and calm manner that soothes

the soul. Kea belongs to the second category. It gently calls the visitor to share its daily life which is of high quality at all levels.